Saturday, September 15, 2007

The perfect Saturday

I woke up at 6:30, surfed the 'net a bit, checked the forum, showered and went in to work at Mom's office. After a very productive morning, I closed up the office and headed for the Beachwood Lush. I got there, and told the SA who offered her help that I was there to pick up my discons.

Apparently, Beachwood had so many discon orders that they had to leave them in their storage area elsewhere in the mall, and the SA went to get them. She came back with a Lush bag, and rang me out. In addition to my discons, I got 2 Green Days and a Pop in the Bath (blue). While I was paying, KellyGirl and Mr. KellyGirl came in. We were chattering away, and Kelly asked what I'd gotten. I told her, and looked in my bag--there were the six Flower Tubs, two Psychodelics, bottle of Chai and bottle of Slammer, but :shock: [i]no Ice Hotels[/i]!

I asked the SA if there was another bag with my name on it, because my Ice Hotels were missing. She asked how many I'd ordered, and I said "Twenty." She asked how many were in my bag and I said "None!" She went off to re-check, and was gone for quite a while. When she came back, she was carrying a box, which had my first name and my forum name written on it, and said that Chef Lush had said something to her about RedJammies' box.

Of course, I hadn't given her my forum name. :lick:

So there in the box were twenty beautiful Ice Hotels, smelling like the most perfect combination of lavender and mint. KellyGirl paid for her discons, Chief paid for his Teo, Kelly and I both got goodie bags, and we headed over to the California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. At this point, I have to say that today was a gorgeous fall day--a high of 58º F, and sunny and bright.

The service was a little slow at lunch because they were short-staffed at the restaurant, so it was about 3:45 when I went out to my car. I opened the door and the scent that met me was absolutely heavenly. I drove the 25 minutes to my parents' house in a glorious Ice Hotel fog.

When I got there, Mom rustled around getting a care package ready (3 yogurts and 2 huge homegrown tomatoes) and Dad fixed my garage door remote. Mom said three times how good I smelled, and I insisted she sniff the bubble bars in the trunk. Thank goodness she doesn't take baths, or I'd have had to share. }:-)

Two miles from my parents' house, there is a railroad crossing. As I came down the hill, I saw a train on the track, so I slowed down and stopped behind the other four cars already there. I had counted one hundred thirty-five cars, only six yet to cross, when the train came to a full stop. I waited a few minutes, then pulled out my phone and called Kogi, and we chatted for fifteen minutes, during which time the train never moved. Finally, I turned the car around and went the long way home, yakking with Kogi all the while.

So now I'm home, the 'Foots have been fed, let outside twice, are chasing each other around the living room growling and snarling, and I'm thinking about a hot dinner and a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng bath.

Guess what with? :)