Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bath Diary: 03 April 2010

Skindecent Head in the Clouds bubbling bath salts in I Dream of Berries,
1/4 Skindecent Butter Bomb in I Dream of Berries,
A nameless salt scrub in Lavender,
Skindecent Dry Oil Spray in I Dream of Berries,
BPAL Chaos Theory Series II in a lavender-berry combo.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Buy 2 Get 1 free nail polish at Sally Beauty Supply

I didn't even know they were doing this until I looked at my receipt and asked the cashier why my FingerPaints Tapestry in Taupe rang up at $0.00. I got Orly Snocone and Orly Gumdrop, and the FingerPaints (for my mother) was free.

The sale is for the entire month of April, so if you have a Sally nearby, it's time for polish-buying!