Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mad Scientist time

Lately, I've been playing around with making my own sugar scrubs. At first, I was just taking bath creams from various e-tailers and blending them with sugar. However, I've had two blocks of Lush shower jellies in my refrigerator for a year now, because while I love the scents, I don't like the formula. Using the equivalent of Jell-O in the shower just seems wrong, plus they tend to squidge out of my hands and fall down the drain before I get any use out of them!

Last weekend, I took my Champagne Snow Showers jelly out of the fridge and put it in a bowl, started up the hand mixer, and kept adding sugar until I had a good scrubby consistency. I wound up with enough sugar scrub to share with Maresche and KellyGirl when we met for lunch last Saturday. Then I received a gift from my forum friend Mouse of a cauldron (Halloween special) of Isle of Eden's R.I.P. This product is a sugar scrub which is supposed to smell like lavender & mint, but in this particular one, all I could smell was lavender. Given my success with the CSS jelly, I decided to mix Lush's sadly (and hopefully temporarily!) discontinued Deep Sleep Jelly with the R.I.P. and some more sugar.

That one was even better than the CSS one, probably because Isle of Eden's sugar scrubs have a bath cream base. Again, I wound up with a huge amount of scrub, and so I took some to work and shared it with Vintage Girl and the co-worker who does our book covers. I don't know about Cover Girl, but Vintage Girl said to me on Wednesday that she had showered with the scrub that morning and that not only did the lavender calm her down at what is a very stressful time of year for all of us, but that she wondered how she had lived all of her life without the wondrousness that is sugar scrubs! *grin*

I have more CSS to use up, and another Isle of Eden Halloween-only scrub in black currant on the way, and I plan to blend those two. One note on that and on noses--to me, the IoE scent is a perfect match for Lush's Comforter bubble bar. Maresche agreed with me, and accepted a decant of the bath cream. Her husband, however, could only smell cookies! Everyone's nose is always so different.

Ah, well, as MamaFlannelJammies always says, "If we all liked the same things, there would be a world-wide haggis shortage!"

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