Thursday, March 6, 2008

More enabling

For Mom's birthday, I got her six sample lotions from Julphia, and not only does she like the floral scents I chose for her, she likes "having a stash of bath products." Bwahahaha!

When I was in Florida, I gave Mallie a bar of Lush Snowcake soap, which is a Christmas-only almond frosting scent. She loved it so much I wound up getting her more for her birthday, and I know what one of her Christmas pressies is going to be as well.

On Tuesday, when Maresche and I headed downstairs to get bagels, a coworker was behind us and she said, "One of you smells really good." Maresche indicated that it was probably me, and the coworker asked what I was wearing. I said, "Vanilla, sandalwood and orange," and she looked at me and said, "All together?" Wednesday morning I took in a business card and sample of the Julphia conditioner I'd used the previous day. Speaking of Julphia, she's having a hard time with the MS right now, so if everyone would please send lots of good thoughts, that would be great.

And finally, because of my "cheap date" post on Saturday, I've got Scott interested in bath bombs, as long as they're not "girly."

Pretty good enabling scorecard for the week. *buffs nails*


  1. I'm going to build a volatile bath bomb, not a wimpy little fizzy thing.

  2. that would be mouth wasH minty.

  3. I am too lazy to sort this out myself, but does lush have any body was that smells minty? Like mouthwas minty?

  4. Scott, Lush even has bath bombs with shrapnel (i.e. plastic stars).

    MangoMama, if Scott had a tub, I would send him an Avobath.

    Zayrina, Lush used to have a lovely minty bodywash called Freeze. Unfortunately, it's discontinued. However, if you want a strong mint, Mallie turned me on to Dr. Bronner's peppermint liquid soap. Trader Joe's does a pretty good knock-off of it. If you can't find either one in a store, let me know and I'll send you a sample.

    Rob, I didn't see you with that paper bag at JammiesFest when you used the lemon soap. :P *giggle*