Monday, July 19, 2010

Skindecent Foaming Milk Bath

Last night, I tested the new Foaming Milk Bath from Skindecent. This is a powder, finer in texture than most bath salts. Mine was in the Silky Underwear fragrance dupe, and the powder was a pretty pale pink. I used about six ounces, and got two inches of bubbles on top of the water, along with a pale rose color and a strong scent. The bubbles lasted for the entire thirty minutes I was in the tub.

Unlike Skindecent's other milk bath products, this had no milky/creamy undernote to affect the scent. The Silky Underwear dupe is very good, and the scent remained consistent throughout my bath. Also unlike the milk bombs and milk bubbles, the Foaming Milk Bath didn't leave a film of oil on my skin. However, unlike most commercial bubble baths, it didn't leave the skin dry and tight, either.

Overall, I think this is a good product for those who want to bathe frequently without drying out, for summer baths when you don't need as much moisture, and for anyone who wants a pretty, bubbly, scented bath!

This product was sent to me for review.

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