Wednesday, November 26, 2014

KB Shimmer: Leaf of Faith

purchased by me

By now I'm sure everyone has seen KB Shimmer's Fall 2014 collection, including the beautiful Leaf of Faith.  But I just got my hands on it, and I wanted to show you how I wound up wearing it.  Leaf is a gorgeous red jelly filled with red, gold, orange and holographic glitter.  The glitter spread is good, and the polish is thick enough to hold all that goodness but not so thick it clumps.

Two coats, indoors with flash:

And the way I wore it, one coat of Leaf of Faith over one coat of Orly Rage:

I love the way the copper base shimmers and simmers just under the surface of the red jelly!

Whether you wear it alone or with shimmery underwear, you can find Leaf of Faith on the KB Shimmer website for $8.75 + shipping

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