Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lush Halloween products mini reviews

purchased by me

I splurged on a few goodies from Lush when the Halloween stuff came out, and they're all still available, so if you're considering any of these, the mini-reviews are after the jump.

Goth Fairy:

Monsters's Ball, Pumpkin, Autumn Leaf:

Goth Fairy, $7.95

Lush says, "Hydrating illipe and cupuacu butters soften you up while a fruity perfume of bergamot and grapefruit oils lifts your spirits. She might look a bit spooky, but this fairy's a real softy at heart."

I say that it smells like grapefruit and sugar, with very little bergamot, does make you extremely sparkly, and is less stellar in the moisturizing department.  If you use enough to help with truly dry skin, you risk going to work the next day looking the the floor of a drag show dressing room.

Monsters' Ball, $7.25,

Lush says, "This cyclops' outer layer creates layers of pink froth on top of deep blue-purple waters as its fruity lime and neroli perfume fills the air."

I say, if you're going to take a seven-dollar bath, you can do worse than this guy.  The water color is gorgeous and the scent is definitely citrusy and fresh.

Pumpkin, $6.95

Lush says this bomb has "a spicy, sweet perfume full of exotic pimento, sweet vanilla and warming cinnamon".
I say it doesn't smell like it has any of that, it smells like an orange creamsicle.  That's fine, but it's not what I was looking for, and it's not a warming fall scent.  

Autumn Leaf, $6.95
Lush says, "Breathe in the grounding yet uplifting perfume, full of bergamot, neroli and sandalwood, and brace yourself for winter's arrival."
I say this is very pretty while it fizzes, but the scent is all sandalwood with zero neroli or bergamot, and the bathwater winds up being a light rusty brown, which, um, no.
So on this particular Halloween haul, I wound up 1 out of 4.  Thank goodness I know what I like of the Christmas scents, so my December choices should be more to my satisfaction!

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