Friday, March 26, 2010

Bombs Away!

My most recent Skindecent order arrived yesterday, and here's the most photogenic part of the order, the Butter Bombs:

Clementine: A strong, fresh orange scent with no bitterness.

Treefrog Jammies: My invention, a clean lavender scent blended with piney green notes.

The Forbidden Strawberry: A decadent strawberry scent with a hint of musk.

Pink Carnations: A spicy, vivid carnation scent, a gorgeous not-really-a-floral floral.

Raspberry Ginger Ale: I have no idea how Marliss manages to make this smell fizzy, but she does, and combined with the raspberries, it's really wonderful.

Lavender: This one is the perfect dreamtime scent, fresh and relaxing.

I Dream of Berries: An absolutely gorgeous blend of blackberry, raspberry and lavender. It has the calming properties of lavender, but enough zing from the berries that I don't fall asleep as soon as I smell it.

The Butter Bombs are an amazing value, at $7.27 American per pound. I smash 'em up and drop a handful of the bits in, and I get silky smooth skin instead of winter-parched skin. I love hot baths in the winter, and the Butter Bombs let me take a bath every night if I want to and not pay for it with painfully dry, itchy and flaky skin. Plus, with Skindecent's product range and scent menu, I can layer scents, and drift off to bed in a happy cloud!

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