Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter paws

I'm a middle-aged polish lover in frosty NE Ohio. I use glitter polishes, which require acetone remover, rather frequently; forget my gloves; pump my own gas and exercise three to four times a week in a chlorinated pool. So why don't I have the cuticles of a lizard in a drought?


My holy grail trio of hand products are all from Skindecent, which is nice as I can get them all in matching scents or unscented as I wish.

I start by washing my hands with plain ol' soap. While the water is warm and my hands are warm and wet, I do a quick but thorough scrub with Manicure in a Minute. I pat my hands dry, and then go over my cuticles and joints with Cuticle Balm. I buff my nails, then right before I go to sleep, I massage my hands with the melted wax and oil combo from the Massage Candle.

All three of these look like unassuming little pots of not-much, but they work well and are absolutely worth every penny.

1 comment:

  1. I should do something for my nasty paws, but it seems the more I mess with my nails, the more frail and nasty they get. It's a no-win.