Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The trend I just don't get

Because I am job hunting, it is sometimes necessary for me to wear bland colors I would not otherwise bother with. Today it was Desert Haze, a mushroom beige from e.l.f. cosmetics.

I do not understand the whole "edgy neutrals" trend. Frankly, if it's a putty, taupe, beige or similar color, it looks boring to me rather than edgy. Maybe I'm not young enough or hip enough to get the idea, but all these neutrals just put me to sleep. Give me a strong color, or a holo, or glitter or something interesting, but please stop boring me!

That said, I will not be buying anything else from e.l.f. While Desert Haze was semi-sheer, it was fairly easy to work with, and I had minimal VNL after three coats. However, all of their products appear to be made in China, and after the multiple contamination problems, it just seems too risky to be putting something made in China on my face. And since what I mostly bought from e.l.f. with my first and last order was eyeshadow and powder, I probably won't be getting any more polishes from them either. That was my own fault for not reading their website more carefully and checking with customer service if necessary.

Here's Desert Haze on its own:

And then saved from neutralhood with one coat of Nubar Opulent Pearls and one coat of CND Copper Shimmer:

I think I can live with the latter look for a day or two.

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