Sunday, October 24, 2010

Linear vs. scattered holo

This was intended to be a post comparing linear holo polishes with scattered holo polishes. I much prefer the former, because the holo effect to me is much more powerful when it is clean and linear as opposed to when it is scattered. I checked my stash, found two holos that look like dupes in the bottle (China Glaze BFF and Nubar Brilliant) and swatched my left hand.


At one coat, there was a huge difference in opacity:

(middle and pinkie are Nubar Brilliant, all the other fingers are China Glaze BFF)

What about two coats?


It took SIX coats of the Nubar to match the opacity of the China Glaze:

Not only do I like the linear better, it's cheaper and has better coverage! I'm glad I didn't pay $9.50 for Nubar Absolute but instead grabbed a bottle of China Glaze 2nite from for $2.99!

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