Monday, September 23, 2013

Zoya Zenith Winter/Holiday 2013: Belinda

press sample

Zoya's Zenith collection for Winter/Holiday 2013 is full of gorgeous polishes in different colors and finishes.  First up is Belinda, a warm, dark purple shimmer.  Belinda is darker and more blue-toned than Zoya Hope.  It's also insanely pigmented--I got full coverage with one easy coat!  Some thinner spots did show in the up-close flash photos, but trust me, they weren't visible at conversational distances.  If you like purple shimmers, Belinda is a must-have!

Indoors without flash:

Indoors with flash:

Belinda and the rest of the Zenith collection will be available on October 1st at Zoya's website.  I'm not sure when they'll hit salons and Ulta stores.

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