Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie: Fresh Linen

purchased by me

Fresh Linen is part of Revlon's new Parfumerie line of scented nail polish.  It's a pretty off-white shimmer verging on frost that smells like ozone and musk, which is a fairly standard combination for "clean" fragrances.  Fresh Linen was a little bit brushstroke-y, but not too bad, and I had some VNL at three coats.  Overall, I like the scent, which was very soft and unobtrusive, and I like both the color and the finish for a change from my ordinary bold colors/finishes.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

The Parfumerie line is available at most major drugstores, and right now the price seems to be about $6 US + tax.


  1. I've been so curious every time I see these polishes at the store, and I've seen a number of reviews in the past few days. I'm going to have to check them out. This one is pretty!

  2. I have Autumn Spice and I really like it! I like the look of Fresh Linen, but I can't stay away from glitters and brights. There's a Parfumerie that is supposed to be a dupe for Lippmann Mermaid. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that one. :)