Sunday, March 9, 2014

No sneak peek this week.

nothin' to declare

Paper cuts come with the job of court clerk, and I've had more than I can count in the last 14 months.  However, this is the first time I've had two on my swatching hand that both got infected.  Even if I were willing to share pictures of my bleeding paws with the Internet, polish remover hurts like heck!  So I have bottle shots and some nail wheel swatches of the new OPI/Muppets collaboration polishes, and I hope to update the posts with proper pictures when my hand is healed.  Of course this would have to happen just as the lovely G was sending readers my way!  Isn't that life?

Love to all of you who've read this and who are willing to stick around,



  1. I'm sure they will, it's just the timing that sucks! Thanks, GG. <3

  2. So sorry, I have been a cook for years and little cuts and burns are common, those infections don't mix with acetone, ouch.