Friday, August 22, 2014

Bubbly stuff from Ulta, Fortune Cookie Soap and Moonalisa!

purchased by me

I haven't blogged about bath products in ages, but I just had to share my most recent haul.  Everything arrived this week, and there are a ton of pics after the jump!

I ordered from Moonalisa's Sci-Fi summer sale and waited.  Then waited some more.  Then waited and eventually got my stuff.  I knew going in that the wait would be long, but I am a long-time fan of SF&F books, movies and other stuff, and plus, yummy scrubs!

The box upon opening:

*squee*  Halloween sample goody!  Salted Caramel Apple Mist!

Sugar scrubs:

And some decadent body cream:

Then some Sweet Spice goodies from Ulta's new fall collection:

Body butter:

Shower gels:

Sugar scrub:

And the variety pack of samples:

Finally, my first-ever order from Fortune Cookie Soap:

The Tree of Life gift set:

Sea Salt Spritz and sugar scrub in Lemon Drop It Like It's Hot:

And a sample of Polyjuice Potion:

I'll try to review at least some of these as quickly as I can!

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