Monday, October 6, 2014

Orly Smoky Collection: Brush It On

purchased by me

For Autumn 2014, Orly has six shades inspired by smoky eye makeup.  I got three of the six, and today's polish is Brush It On, a clear base full of shiny fuchsia and copper glassfleck glitter.  On its own, it's not opaque even in three coats, but so sparkly it hides that fact.  Over black, the copper is lost and the fuchsia shines out.  I'm on the fence about this one, and I think I'll need to see if I can get the copper to come out more before I decide I'm not going to keep it.  I haven't seen these in stores like Ulta yet, but they're available at e-tailers, including Head2Toe Beauty, where I got mine for $6.25 each + shipping.

On the left, two coats over black, on the right, three coats alone.

Indoors with flash:

In the sun:

Indoors without flash:

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