Monday, March 2, 2015

Walgreens Frozen collection: Ice-solated and Kristoff He Goes

purchased by me

Given that there is a foot of snow in my yard and that the temps have hovered around -6º to -10º F for the last month, you might think I'd be over winter.  And I am.  But I am not over the latest Disney and Walgreens collaboration!  For a ton of details and pictures, head over to Nouveau Cheap.  For swatches of two of the polishes, just scroll down.

Ice-solated and Kristoff He Goes were my first encounters with the Color Blast line, and I managed to pick two colors that hit the total best and total worst ends of the spectrum!

To spare you further suspense, Ice-solated was terrible.  For $6.99 + tax, I expect better from Orly than a formula which takes FOUR coats to become opaque and then remains dentable for more than 40 minutes.  Ice-solated is a super pretty color, a light turquoise with blue shimmer, which just adds to the insult.  I bought this on Saturday morning and returned it at noon on Sunday.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

On the other hand, Kristoff He Goes was glorious.  A deep teal crème, the formula was perfect--opaque in one coat, perfect viscosity, went exactly where I told it to go and dried swiftly and shinily.  One caveat--Kristoff does stain, so double up on the basecoat!

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

I will probably try more Orly Color Blast polishes, because I really, really like Kristoff He Goes, but if you're in Walgreens and looking at the Frozen collaboration, save yourself seven bucks and keep going past Ice-solated!

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