Thursday, November 12, 2015

Butter London's Invite Only set

purchased by me

With 6 set-exclusive colors, I couldn't resist the Invite Only collection!  Swatches after the jump.

Lock In is a navy blue crème.  I used two coats but should have used three.

Peep Hole is a pale turquoise-steel blue duochrome shimmer, opaque in two coats.

O.T.T. is a red textured glitter.  Swatch is three coats.

Vapour is a pale grey crème.  Opaque in two coats.

Glad Rags is a clear base with pale pink and purple shimmer.  On its own, it still shows the nail even after three coats, but it's so shimmery you won't care!

One coat of Glad Rags over two coats of Vapour:

And last but not least, two coats of the magical shimmering magenta called Pash:

The Butter London Invite Only set is available from Butter London and at Ulta for $39 plus shipping and tax.

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