Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Barielle Buddha-ful review and swatches

I have to say that my first Barielle polish was not a wild success. The flakies are very pretty--they go from gold to green to blue depending on how the light hits them. Unfortunately, the polish was very sheer, and removal was an absolute nightmare. I'm talking the foil method didn't get all the glitter off nightmare. I think I'll put the rest of the Barielles on hold and wear a few nice creams for a while...

Three coats, with flash:

Three coats, no flash:

Sorry for the lack of sunshine pictures, but that's been in short supply here in NE Ohio the last few days!


  1. I keep commenting and forgetting the word verification :::head to desk::: lol

    Anyway....I love this and I think it looks great on you. It's a great nude color for your skin tone, and I'm sure the flakies look amazing in person. 3 coats of flakie removal is a pain though :(