Monday, September 19, 2011

Quick haul post

My nails are currently bare, eek! On Saturday I did that thing where you catch your hand wrong and flip the nail backwards. Of course it was the ring finger nail on my left hand, which is my best nail, and of course the break was well under the smile line and into the nail bed, so I've been trying various things to keep it attached until it grows out enough that I won't bleed like a stuck pig when I clip it.

Wow, that was a long sentence! o.O Anyway, here are my weekend hauls:

From Discount Drug Mart, two different Sally Hansen Nail Strips, in Ghoulie Girl and Spun for You:

Discount Drug Mart is a NE Ohio chain of drugstores, and they always seem to carry Sally Hansen products at a dollar or more lower than CVS and Walgreens, so between their regular price of $7.99 plus the $1 off coupon from All for You, I got these for $6.99 each instead of $9.99 each.

Barielle haul, polishes in Falling Star, Jess' Champagne Toast, Buddha-ful and Elle's Spell:

Barielle was having a buy one, get one half off, plus they gave me a 50% off my order for signing up for e-mails, so I got all four polishes for $14.47. It's also worth noting that I ordered last Tuesday and the polishes arrived on Saturday!


  1. Drugmart??? FINALLY a local blogger! Where r u from? I'm in O. Falls! Also,how can I get ur blog emailed 2 me?

  2. Hi bobbysgeel, I'm in Cuyahoga Falls, an Akron suburb. Yay for a local reader! Discount Drug Mart ROCKS, at least the ones in CF and Hudson do! There is a "Follow by e-mail" link in the right-hand sidebar of the blog, or there should be.