Monday, April 30, 2012

Orly Mysterious Curse

Orly has a four-piece mini collection out now which is inspired by the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie, Dark Shadows.  I still haven't forgiven the two of them for the disgusting mess they made of the classic short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," but I have to admit that this particular reboot looks intriguing.

Anyway, there are four colors in the collection, and of course I had to get the shimmer and the glitter.  First up is Mysterious Curse, which is a gorgeous purple that looks exactly like a ripe red grape and has a beautiful blue flash. 

Indoors with flash:

More pictures and an explanation of my accent nail after the jump.

I grabbed Mysterious Curse the minute I saw it on Head2Toe Beauty, even though I hadn't even seen swatches!  When it arrived, I was worried that it was a repromote of Orly Galaxy Girl, but I should have trusted the wonderful folks at one of my favorite polish companies!

With one coat of Galaxy Girl on my ring finger and one coat of Mysterious Curse on all the others, the differences were easy to spot.  Galaxy Girl is a red-grape purple jelly base with blue and violet glitter, where Mysterious Curse is a red-grape purple shimmer base with blue flash. 

One coat, in the sun:

Two coats, indoors with flash:

Two coats, indoors without flash:

A couple of oddly-angled shots to show the flash and the base color:

The formula on this was typically Orly-dreamy--smooth, pigmented, not so thin as to be runny but not so thick as to be globby.  If you have and like Galaxy Girl, you're going to want Mysterious Curse, if you like your polishes with blue flash, you're going to want it, and if you like red-grape purples, you're going to want it!


  1. It's definitely not a dupe to Galaxy Girl, but it is a dupe to Royal Velvet.

  2. Ahh. I don't have Royal Velvet, so that never even occurred to me! Thanks, Janelle.