Friday, April 6, 2012

Possible dupe alert--FingerPaints and Color Club

I have no idea if FingerPaints and Color Club share a supplier or an owner or a creative team, but many of you have seen Color Club's Magnetic Collection. The polishes in that collection are: Magnetic Force, Cop an Attitude, Sci-Fi, HipNotic, Steel of the Night and Electric Midnight.

Today at Sally Beauty, I saw the new FingerPaints Limited Edition Magnetic Polish collection. This collection has only four colors, which are: Electro-Midnight, HipNotic, Cop an Attitude and Steel of the Night.

I bought the copper, because as I have mentioned, I have a weakness for that color. To me, it looks dead-on to Scrangie's swatch of Color Club's Cop an Attitude. Even the bottles look the same, which is notable because the shape is so very different from FingerPaints' usual bottle shape.

Cost-wise, the Color Clubs are $12 on Color Club's website and $6 at most e-tailers and the FingerPaints are $7 at Sally Beauty or $6.29 if you're a Beauty Club member. If your local sales tax is reasonable, you might be better off buying a FingerPaints polish instead of paying for shipping from an e-tailer.



  1. I just noticed that yesterday!! Very poor marketing IMO, if it weren't for the same names I would have never known that they're dupes and probably bought two collections hehe

  2. If FingerPaints and Color Club are owned by the same company, yes, it's really poor marketing. If they're not, one of them is utterly shameless, lol. But I bet your wallet is happy you're buying 6 polishes instead of 4!