Sunday, July 21, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Collection Fall 2013: Arabella

press sample

Zoya's Fall Pixie Dust collection is now available, and I'll be showing you all six of these beauties this week.  First up is Arabella, a gorgeous deep fuchsia, a perfect fall color.  The formula on these Pixie Dusts is easy to work with, forgiving of mistakes and not prone to staining, which is a blessing considering how dark some of the colors are!  The Pixie Dusts typically wear about four to five days on me.  I used two coats of Arabella for my swatches.

If Arabella looks familiar, it's not because of a similar textured color, but because Arabella is the same base color as the lovely Zoya Aurora from last year's Ornate collection.  I foresee future attempts at nail art! :)

If you want Arabella, it's available on Zoya's website for $9 + shipping (and tax if you live in Ohio) and it's also sold in Ulta stores and select salons.


  1. This looks like crushed candy; I want to eat it so bad!

  2. No shenanigans allowed! But yes, it does looked like crushed raspberry candies. :)