Friday, April 24, 2015

Newer, better fragrance reviews!

I adore the perfumes of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but while I've written reviews, I'm never really satisfied with them.  My skill at communicating what a scent smells like and why pales in comparison to that of my friend ThoraSTooth, which is why I am excited to tell you that she's agreed to let me post her Black Phoenix reviews here on Bubbles & Baubles!

Whether it's general catalog or limited edition, Thora does comprehensive and comprehensible reviews.  Even when a scent has death notes for me and I know it, a review from Thora can make me dream of what could be if my skin got along with rose or my nose with coconut!  So with that in mind, here is her review of Kumiho, a general catalog scent from the Diabolus category:

In the vial this smells bright and citrusy, with a floral overtone. It reminds me somewhat of Embalming Fluid, only less overtly lemony.  On my skin, it starts off bright, all right, with a spike of floral above that tea note.  It reminds me of Iambe and Vampire Tears also.
On drydown/maturity, it becomes much softer.  I love the tea note, but it tends to be fugitive on me.  The soft floral of white ginger lily, though, is one of my favorite notes and I had forgotten until I was frimped it that Kumiho has that note.  It's not as pronounced as in some other blends, but it's there.  There's also a slightly woody note, and the lemon overtones of the tea note have gone away.  The overall effect is a delicate mist of slightly spicy floral wafting around me, the sort of scent you notice more when the wind stirs than when everything is at rest.
I would love to have Kumiho flavored bath products, because it establishes a beautiful but short-lived atmosphere of awesome.

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