Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Beltane

purchased and reviewed by ThoraSTooth

BPAL Scent of the Day:  Beltane (2006 Limited Edition) -- Mugwort, French rose, Lily of the Valley, broom, frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, foxglove, woodruff, rowan wood, ivy, sandalwood, spring mint, thyme, iris, copal, and night blooming jasmine.

So many notes to love!  This is, of course, a floral, but it isn't exactly sweet.  Despite the listed rose and night-blooming jasmine, most of the florals are less fleshy or identifiable.  It's a complex scent, like a warm breeze through a mixed May garden of flowers and herbs.  There's a tenderness about it, like the look of a new leaf.  On drydown it turns a bit more grassy.  After several hours most of the florals and herbs are very light, but the resins carry the scent into twilight.

I searched a long time to get ahold of some of this scent, and it rewarded my patience by loving me.  Whenever I sniff this scent, it feels like I'm reaching for something very rich and wonderful just beyond the end of my nose.

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