Monday, May 18, 2015

Zoya Island Fun collection

press sample

Today I have Zoya's gorgeous collection of summer crèmes for you.  It's called Island Fun, and it definitely has a fun summer vibe!  Pictures and reviews after the jump.

Formula-wise, all six of the polishes were superb.  Perfect texture, perfect viscosity and opaque in two shiny, quick-drying coats.

Cecilia is a green hovering between jade and teal, beautiful and reminiscent of deeper pools in an island bay.  This one stains.

Demetria is a vibrant orange-toned red, the color of hibiscus and poppy flowers.

Jace is a spring green, the same color as snap peas. This one stains.

Nana is a glowing blue-toned pink.

Serenity is is a medium purple.

Talia is a deep, compelling turquoise, like a shallow part of the ocean next to a white sand beach. This one stains.

The Island Fun collection can be found at Zoya's website.  The polishes are $9.00 each + shipping and applicable tax.

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