Thursday, July 9, 2015

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Chaos Theory VII

purchased and reviewed by ThoraSTooth

BPAL Testing Day:  Chaos Theories!

I tested four different decants of Chaos Theory VII:  Emergence in the Woods family of scents.

CT VII:  Woods #68 was very balsamy in the vial and wet on my skin.  It dried down to a greenish yet sweet frankincense and balsam.  Despite having a touch of some dark wood, it's a very light scent.  I will probably layer this with some other scents to accentuate their existing balsam/frankincense.

CT VII:  Woods #69 was all birch and some foody note in the vial.  On my skin the foody note turned darker and woodier while the birch note amped, then soured, then calmed back down.  The dark foody note turned a little spicy when it matured and reminded me a bit of sassafras -- not quite as rooty as sassafras, but with a similar vibe.  The birch stayed present the whole time but lost much of that lovely wintergreen clarity after a while.

CT VII:  Woods #80 was very masculine in the vial; I would swear it was a man's cologne.  On my skin it became a very dark wood with a fougere on top.  I couldn't quite make out the wood for a long time:  not oud, not mahogany, not rosewood, but familiar.  Finally, after it was quite mature, I realized it was oak:  a dark oaky woody fougere.  This one stayed very true for many hours on me.

CT VII:  Woods #81 smelled like bright strong lemon and stems in the vial.  Wet on my skin it was like nothing I have ever tried, a very woody yet thoroughly lemony scent.  (How could this be?  I still don't know.)  It calmed down a bit but stayed both woody and lemony.  I still don't know if it was lemongrass or not, but it was really, really lemony.  Really.

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