Monday, July 6, 2015

Colour Prevails Blue Blood

purchased by me

The Colour Prevails display at my local Walgreens is a thing of beauty and a temptation every time I'm in the store.  The prices are on the high end of drugstore items, but after looking at every single nail polish, some of them twice, I caved and bought one--Blue Blood.  I used it as the base of my July 4th mani, with one dabbed coat of FingerPaints Picnic Blanket on top.

Blue Blood is a shimmery dark navy which looks black in low light.  The formula was lovely, smooth to apply, opaque in two coats and with a reasonable dry time.  It didn't stain my nails through my ridge-filling base coat, but it did temporarily stain my skin upon removal.

Colour Prevails polishes and other cosmetics are available at Walgreens.  The nail polish is $8.00 + tax.

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