Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Incoco Smoke and Mirrors

purchased by me

Smoke and Mirrors was originally part of Incoco's Autumn 2014 collection, but it's still available and because I think of black and gold as year-round combo, I wore it recently.  The application was typically easy, as Incoco always has been for me and the wear time was decent.  HOWEVER, removal was a mess.  Smoke and Mirrors is not a black base with gold stamping, it's a gold base with a black pattern, and that gold base is made of micro-glitter.  My hands looked like I'd been rummaging through the sale bin on January 2nd.

Glitter bomb disposal aside, this is an elegant pattern, so if you're prepared for the cleanup, you can find it at Incoco for $8.99 + shipping.

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