Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A shoutout to Nikki at Walgreens!

I just had to write a quick post to thank the cosmetics counter sales associate at my local Walgreens. Nikki actually knows what's going on in the cosmetics world, is quick, thoughtful and cheerful even before 9 a.m.! I always have a great time chatting with her and she's always ready to help me look for something or check a price before I commit to buying.

Not only did I get to talk to Nikki this morning while I was waiting for a prescription to be filled, I got lucky enough to find three Revlon polishes I wanted from last summer on clearance, along with a box of Sally Hansen spring nail polish strips, also on clearance! I got Mint Fizz, Watermelon Frizz and Mystical, plus the Sally Hansen strips, plus a bottle of Rimmel Black Satin, all for $15.24! I reeeally debated about the Revlon Fizz shades last summer, but I have a lot of royal blue polishes, so I didn't get them. I was so thrilled to see them on the clearance rack I practically bounced. :D

Not only did I get my pretty goodies for a nice low price, Nikki told me that in March, a $10 cosmetics purchase gets you entered into a store giveaway for a big fat tote full of cosmetic samples and coupons, so now I'm entered. Wheee!

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