Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloweekends 2.0: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in How Corny

How Corny is part of the limited edition Halloween 2012 collection of Salon Effects polish strips, and it's an adorable pattern of candy corn on a silver foil background.  I really love this one, and not only were the strips easy to apply, they lasted for a full week without even tipwear!  As usual, I had a few leftovers due to my short nails, so read to the end to find out what I did with them!

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

The last time I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I put the extra strips on my toes.  This time, I did something different--I used the strips for nail polish jewelry!  I had some triangle shaped glass pieces from Sun and Moon Craft Kits, so I painted those with a thin layer of DifferentDimension Candied Corn and then stuck on the Sally Hansen strips.  I had to piece together the strips, and you can tell from up close, but from conversational distance, they look adorable.  Plus, thanks to Candied Corn, they glow in the dark! :D


  1. I love those! If I didn't still have the skulls from last year, I'd have wanted to get some candy corns. They look great on you <3