Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloweekends 3.0: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Batty for You

Batty for You nail polish strips have a pattern of black bats on a purple background.  These are the shiniest Salon Effects strips I've tried yet, and even my conservative mother said "Ooooh, I like those!" :)  Application was typical for these--easy and quick.  Removal, however, was a bit more difficult than usual, because the black bats flaked off and stuck everywhere on my hands.  I used a bit of Skindecent Manicure in a Minute hand scrub after removal and got all the bits off, but it did take that extra step!

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

Blurry macro:

Not only are these super-shiny and purple, but the bats are different shapes and sizes!  I got a kick out of looking at my nails when I wore these.  Wear time was about five days for me.  Sally Hansen Salon Effects are available at most major drugstores and cost from $9-$10 per pack.


  1. Love these! but find them a little expensive, are they long lasting?

  2. How Corny lasted a week on me with minor tipwear, and Batty for You lasted for four days with the same. They are a bit expensive, but I buy them when they're on sale at CVS or Walgreens and my nails are short enough to get two manicures out of each box. And if there's a Five Below store near you, they've got great big bins of Salon Effects for about $3 each!