Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Color Club Halo Hues: Cherubic

Happy Halloween!  This is sort of an Opposite Day post--an angelic polish on the spookiest holiday. :)  Color Club has a new collection of pastel linear holographic polishes called Halo Hues.  Since I already have a pale pink, pale blue and pale purple holo, I just wanted the gold one from this collection.  It's called Cherubic, and it's fantastic.  The formula was perfect, I only needed two thin coats, and the rainbows are out of this world!  I just wish there'd been some sun here in NEO while I wore this polish. :(

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

Aside from the insanely strong rainbows, the other thing I love about this polish is that it does not show even a single one of my many nail ridges!  Color Club polishes are available at TransdesignHead2ToeBeauty and 8ty8Beauty and at some brick and mortar stores (some Rite Aid stores carry special collections but not the core line).


  1. Happy Halloween to you too! Nice polish you have there, so bad Color Club is hard to find here :(

  2. Natalia, I'm sorry these aren't easily available to you. :(

    GG, it's beautiful, isn't it?