Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Use It Up

I forgot that I was going to post the dents I've made in my stash at the end of September, and of course now I don't remember everything I've used up. *headdesk*  So, here is September to the best of my recollection and October for sure.

Finished in September:

16 oz. Skindecent conditioner in Orange Crush
16 oz. Skindecent conditioner in Shaken, Not Stirred
4 oz. Lilypad Maui Glow body oil Lavender & Amber
2 oz. Lilypad Body Buttercream in Soothe

Finished in October:

4 oz. Julphia Silky Soy Whip in Lavamber
12.9 oz. Clear Hair & Scalp shampoo
16 oz. Skindecent conditioner in Moroccan Mint

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