Monday, November 19, 2012

Sensationail At Home Gel Polish kit

I got the full kit, with LED light, base & top coat, nail prep, cleanser and lint-free pads when it was on sale at CVS for $45.  I split the cost with Mom, and did her nails in the color that came with the kit, Rose Chiffon.  For myself, I bought a second color when they were on sale at Walgreens and I had a coupon, so the polish was $9 instead of $13.  I picked Purple Orchid, which is a greyed indigo.  It's similar to China Glaze First Class Ticket, although slightly more grey.  My application the first time left much to be desired, so please forgive the lumps and missing spots.  All swatches are one coat of the base/top coat, two coats of polish and another coat of base/top coat.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

Thanks to a typical spell of NEO November weather, I wore this polish for a week before seeing it in the sun and realizing that it has blue and pink micro-glitter!

In the sun:

So far, there is no discernable wear, and I love the color and the way the gel polish makes my nails feel thicker and stronger.  Mom loves the way her nails feel too, but she's not crazy about the pink and she wouldn't let me take pictures of her manicure because she doesn't want anyone to see her hands.  I'm about to try a regular glitter polish over the gel polish to see if I can change up the look.  I saw that Siobhan of The Nail Phile did that once, but her blog is gone, so I can't look and see if she used cured polish or the kind that doesn't require curing.

I will update this post with my opinion of the removal process when I do it.

Anyway, if you have a drugstore or Sensationail coupon and don't have severe polish OCD, I can recommend this system.

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