Friday, November 9, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection: Storm

Storm is a gorgeous black jelly polish filled with holographic glitter.  This is the polish that made my friend girlygirl want to hum the Imperial March from Star Wars while wearing a pink cowboy hat.  Broken record time--this polish was glass-smooth and super-shiny without top coat.  Unlike the others in the Ornate collection, I did three coats of Storm because each coat deepened the color without drowning the glitter.  How rare is that?  It's pretty damn rare!  So.  Swatches.  Three coats, no top coat.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

Storm would be a kick-butt base for a galaxy nails manicure, which I haven't tried yet but am now thinking seriously about doing!

The Ornate collection is now available at Zoya's website.  Zoya polishes are sold at select salons and at Ulta brick and mortar stores.

The Zoya Ornate collection was sent to me for review.


  1. I love this one, I'm impatiently waiting my order to arrive! It's taking ages!

  2. Sorry it's taking so long, but it's worth waiting for! :)