Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection: Electra

Electra is a clear jelly filled with small, holographic silver bar glitter.  Although I only tried this as a topper, the glitter was so dense that I imagine you could wear it alone with two or three coats.  I've shown one coat of Electra over three coats of Zoya Storm (swatches of that coming soon) and compared it to Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Disco Ball.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

One coat of Zoya Electra (index and ring) and one coat of Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Disco Ball (middle and pinky) indoors with flash:

The bar glitter in Electra is smaller and denser than that in Disco Ball.  If you like silver holo bar glitter, they're different enough to justify having both.

The Ornate collection is now available at Zoya's website.  Zoya polishes are sold at select salons and at Ulta brick and mortar stores.

The Zoya Ornate collection was sent to me for review.  The Sally Hansen polish was purchased by me.


  1. Call me boring, but I'm not all in with bar glitter. I've seen a ton of swatches, and still thinking the same way: not for me.

  2. I like it in moderation, especially when it's smaller, like Electra, so I understand your opinion.

    And I could never call you boring! :)