Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blue Cross candy shop scented nail polish set

When I saw G's post about the light-up bottles of nail polish from Blue Cross, I squeaked like a happy otter and made a resolution to grab at least one for myself.  Sadly, by the time I made it to a Rite Aid, the display was empty of everything but the conventional glitters.  All was not lost, however, because next to the sadly picked-over display was a display of pretty little scented mini polishes, 5 for $5.99!  I grabbed the one that was almost entirely milky jellies with glitter, and I'm really pleased that I did.

Here's the whole set:

Cute as a bunch of buttons, aren't they?
From left to right, blueberry swirl, chocolate cupcake, lollipop, strawberry and vanilla frosting

Indoors with flash, in the same order:

Indoors without flash, in the same order:

 In the sun, in the same order:

All swatches are three coats, which were needed to cover a few bald spots.

blueberry swirl is a milky turquoise jelly with multicolored diamond-shaped glitter.  The scent is just a generic sweet scent, not particularly strong and fairly unoffensive.  

chocolate cupcake is a milky lavender jelly with multicolored, irregularly shaped glitter.  This has the same generic sweet smell, which is a bummer if you're looking for chocolate-scented nails, but good for me because I can't stand artificial chocolate scents.

lollipop is a milky bubble-gum pink jelly with multicolored, irregularly shaped glitter with the same sweet scent.

strawberry is a milky neon pink with multicolored, irregular shapes.  This one smells like strawberry candy, with both sweet and tart berry notes.  This was the first one where I thought the scent really matched the name, and I love it.

vanilla frosting is a clear jelly with super-fine silver holographic micro-glitter.  The holo is really strong, and the scent smells exactly like buttercream frosting.  I adore this one!

One coat of vanilla frosting over Sensationail Purple Orchid, in the sun:

If you can find these at a Rite Aid, this is a cute set, and the polishes were perfectly well-behaved--no dripping, no pooling, only a bit of glitter-pushing needed (and none with vanilla frosting).  You can get this for yourself or as a gift, and the price is right.  Oh, and it's made in the USA, too! :)


  1. Cute set. You know me...silver is one of my faves & buttercream frosting scented? That must be delish!!

  2. I don't even like foody scents and I love this! It doesn't last more than a day, but it smells good while you're doing your nails. :D