Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Blog Sale I'm Not Having

Every year, my mom tries to make sure to give something to a wonderful local organization called Good Neighbors.  Someone from the organization told Mom they get lots of goodies for little kids, but not many for teenagers, especially girls.  So Mom got her antiques club group to all give girly pajamas last year.  This year, as I looked at my overflowing polish cabinets, I decided that instead of having a blog sale, I'm going to put all the polish I've swatched once and never worn again into bundles with some inexpensive manicure tool kits and give it to Good Neighbors for their holiday gift baskets.  I'd like to put the polish and tools in pretty little cosmetic bags, but I just don't have the cash.  If anyone reading this wants to help out, and has new or gently used cosmetic bags, please email me and I'll give you my address.

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