Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glitter Daze A Garlic a Day Keeps the Vampires Away

purchased by me

Happy Eve of All Hallow's Eve!  My Halloween present to myself was an order from Glitter Daze, my first but definitely not my last!  I got mostly minis, but couldn't resist a full-size bottle of A Garlic a Day Keeps the Vampires Away.  A Garlic a Day has red and holo mini-glitter, plus black squares, shards and bars in a thermal color-changing base that goes from white (warm) to deep rose (cold).  It's supposed to be red, but I couldn't get my hands that cold, and besides, I liked the rose color!  The formula was a bit thick, very glitter-packed, and dried rather slowly, matte and bumpy, but I love this polish.  A coat of Gelous followed by a coat of regular top coat smoothed it out and made it shiny.

The pretty, pretty packaging:


Warming up:


A Garlic a Day Keeps the Vampires Away is LE, so hurry over to Glitter Daze and grab a bottle ($11 + shipping) before they're gone!

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