Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sinful Colors Gilded

purchased by me

When I first saw the news about the big Sinful Colors holiday display on Nouveau Cheap, I figured it would be a lonnnng time before I saw the polishes in person.  NE Ohio is not known for being quick to get new products!  You can imagine my surprise when I found the whole display at my local Walgreen's last weekend!  I was immediately drawn to Gilded, which is a combination of fine gold micro-glitter and larger red glitter.  Red and gold always screams holiday luxe to me, and Sinful polishes were 99 cents each that day, so I grabbed it.  The formula was very easy to work with--full of glitter but not too thick, and it looked great on its own in just two coats.  The ding in my ring finger is because my old doggie always has to go outside NOW when I have wet nails.  He's worth it, though.  The dry time was decent, and Gilded dried a bit bumpy, so I used a coat of Gelous, then a regular top coat for smooth nails.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

If you love red and gold, snag Gilded when you see the display, because I'm pretty sure it's LE!

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