Friday, October 4, 2013

Serum No5 Sunset Flare

purchased by me

A copper-to-rose duochrome polish is always irresistible, but one that glows in the dark?  A must-have!  Serum No5 Sunset Flare is exactly that.  It's a soft, pretty duochrome that shifts from rose to copper and glows green in the dark.  The formula was absolutely perfect in consistency and opacity.  Sunset Flare dried very quickly to a soft satin matte, but one coat of Ulta Salon Formula top coat made it shine.

Indoors with top coat, no flash:

Indoors with no top coat, with flash:

With flash, with top coat, at an angle:

Serum No5 polishes are available at their website and at Ninja Polish.  Prices start at $7.

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