Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Glitter Daze Sunset in the City collection: Nightfall in NYC

purchased by me

Nightfall in NYC is another shade-shifter from Glitter Daze.  It's a pinkish-brown base with purple-to-blue color-shifting holographic glitter.  The formula was easy to work with and opaque in two coats.  I much prefer it over black, as the base color looks like June bugs to me, which brings back some unpleasant memories. *shudder*  I used two coats of Nightfall in NYC on my ring and pinky fingers and one coat over black on my index and middle fingers, and no top coat because it was quite shiny on its own.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

Nightfall in NYC is available in a 4ml size for $5.00 or  a 15ml size for $11.50 + shipping from Glitter Daze.

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