Monday, December 16, 2013

Zoya Naturel collection

press sample

Six pretty palate cleansers are available from Zoya right now.  The Naturel collection contains three neutral cremes and three soft color cremes, all in the typically wonderful Zoya formula.  More details after the jump!


Now if you know me, you know I'm a flash-and-glitter kind of gal, happier with some holo or insane color on my tips, but I have to say that Zoya knows how to do a work-safe creme that's soft and alluring, just like a warm fuzzy sweater!  All six of the colors in the Naturel collection have a flawless formula--slightly thin but very pigmented, not in the least runny, self-leveling to perfection and so freaking shiny the only reason to use top coat is to make them last a little longer.  All swatches are two coats, no top coat and no cleanup!

(slightly yellow-toned cream)

(soft red-toned taupe)

(creamy tan)

(soft mauve)


(brighter mauve)

Odette is my favorite, because purple, but all of these are really lovely polishes, and I can see my mom and my sister-in-law discussing how to divvy them up. ;)  If you'd like any of these pretties to come live with you, you can find them at Zoya's website, at some Ulta stores, and at salons.


  1. I'm surprised how much I like these swatches! I'm normally not drawn to these types of colors but find these quite appealing.