Thursday, February 6, 2014

Super Nails Valentine's Day collection: Pink Teddy Bear

press sample

Last but certainly not least in the Super Nails Valentine's Day polishes I have for you is Pink Teddy Bear.  If you don't like bar glitter, you can go away now. :P  I do happen to like bar glitter, and I especially love this adorable polish, which really does look like a beloved bear!  Pink Teddy Bear has a lightly pink-tinted jelly base and light and dark pink bar glitter.  Like Hot Cocoa, it's a simple but extremely clever use of elements already available in the polish world.  I used two coats, and no top coat for my swatches, buy for a full mani, you'll want a nice thick top coat for smoothness.

Indoors with flash:

Indoors without flash:

 Pink Teddy Bear and the rest of the Valentine's Day collection are available at the Super Nails Etsy shop, where you can get mini bottles for $3.99 each or the whole collection for $25.00.  As a special for my readers, use the code BUBBLES10 and get 10% off!

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