Monday, August 17, 2015

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: The Phantom Calliope (Carnaval Diabolique, Act I)

purchased and reviewed by ThoraSTooth

BPAL Scent of the Day: The Phantom Calliope (Carnaval Diabolique, Act I): Ghostly, glowing, sweet and dark: black cherry, patchouli, cassis, cardamom and verbena.

This bottle is very well aged; I think it dates to 2008.  In the bottle it smells of cherry-almond with a little cardamom.

Wet on my skin it's all dark cherry and cassis, a more woody and less foody version of cinnamon.  The almond impression goes away almost immediately.  The bright candyish sweetness of the fruit subsides as it matures, making room for the delicate herbal lemon and cardamom notes.  At first the lemon verbena goes metallic on me, as it often does, but then it calms down into a soft, slightly tart backup note.  Overall it becomes a cherry and spice scent with herbal overtones.

After about an hour, the patchouli comes out; it is the high menthol type rather than the earthy woody type, and it is very restrained.  The patchouli and black cherry blend down into a scent only very slightly dominated by the fruit.  The cinnamon and cardamom can still be made out individually, but taken together it's like some exotic dark chutney.  In this form it's very stable on me and lasts for many hours.

I had forgotten how much I love the fruity-patchouli vibe of this one.  I'm so glad the Carnaval is back in town!

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