Sunday, January 8, 2012

NE Ohio drugstore sales from 1/8/11 through 1/14/11

Inspired by G at Nouveau Cheap, I will be making a weekly list of beauty products on sale at Discount Drug Mart and Marc's. For the national stores, I couldn't hope to do better than G's posts, but for the local chains, I thought I'd fill in some info.

Discount Drug Mart:

L'Oreal Preference, Feria, and Healthy Look Mousse hair color are all $7.99
L'Oreal Ever Sleek, Ever Pure and Ever Strong shampoo and conditioner are all 1 Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF
L'Oreal 1 Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF
All L'Oreal Revitalift products are $11.99
Any Olay Lotion for $6.99
All the rest of the Olay Products are 20% OFF the sticker price (will show at register)
Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion 12-14 oz. pumps are $6.99
Gold Bond body wash is $4.99
Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion in 3.5-5.5 oz. tubes are $4.99
CeraVe products are Buy 1, Get 1 FREE


Olay bar soap are 2 for $3.79
Olay 8.4 oz. lotion is $3.79
Olay 12 oz. body wash is $3.59
Nivea lip care is $2.49

So it looks like Olay fans have a lot of chances to stock up this week!

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