Thursday, January 12, 2012

OPI Better! and Color Club Burgandy Burst

No, I'm not over crackle polishes yet, and I don't see myself being over them any time soon. They're a quick, interesting and pretty way to refresh a manicure, and I love all of the assorted colors and finishes they now come in. Since I have all of the standard colors, I was very excited to see Color Club add a burgundy shimmer to their Fractured Collection, and I grabbed Burgandy Burst the minute it was available.

I bought a four-piece mini OPI Muppets set for $12.99 on Ebay, and the first polish I tried was Better! I love foils, and I especially love foils in slightly unexpected colors, like the pink-infused silver of Better! (I'm not wild about the name, though, because I feel as if I'm ending every sentence with an exclamation point, and I'm not that excited about this polish).

Here's two coats of Better! with one coat of Burgandy Burst and one coat of Nubar Diamont:

And here is two coats of Better! on its own with one coat of Diamont:

This is a gorgeous combination, because Better! is just enough warmer than a standard silver foil to make the contrast with Burgandy Burst less stark and more warm.


  1. I love that combination! It makes crackle look more sophisticated somehow.