Tuesday, May 15, 2012

L.A. Girl GNL272 burgundy magnetic polish

It always irritates me when brands don't bother to name their colors. This is a pretty standard burgundy metallic, but the shape of the magnet was brand new to me. I'd never seen a bullseye before, and basically bought the polish for the magnet alone. The polish was opaque in two thin coats, and was very pretty even without the pattern.

Indoors with flash:

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Indoors without flash:

The entire bottle:

The cap showing the magnet pattern:

The magnet separates from the cap in a different manner from other magnetic polishes I've tried:

Sadly, there's no ridge on the magnet, so I had a hard time keeping the cap steady, which is why only two fingers on each hand have the patterns.  Between the lack of a ridge and my MS, I just couldn't hold it steady for the right amount of time.  Still, the color is nice if not unique, the bullseye pattern is definitely unique, and the polish was $2.99, so I'm willing to keep practicing, and anyone with steady hands can probably get this right the first time!

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