Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Water Marble Wednesday: Zoya Sam, Ibiza and Snow White

Like my clever friend JenJen, I went with a patriotic water marble for Memorial Day.  I used two crèmes, Zoya Sam and Snow White and one shimmer, Zoya Ibiza.  I'm still better at water marbling on jewelry than on my nails, but these are a huge improvement over my first efforts! :)

Left hand, indoors with flash:

Left hand, indoors without flash:

 Right hand, indoors with flash:

Right hand, indoors without flash:

You can tell on the pinkie, ring and middle finger of my left hand that my topcoat (Orly Glosser) made the colors run, so I switched to a NYX Girls glitter topcoat and picked out the purple hearts. 


  1. I like 'em! They're definitely better than mine. And you got more white showing than I was able to... Mine tended to want to mix with the other colors.

  2. Not better, just different! And I'm very glad you like them. :)